Oh Fragrance....

"How do I love thee...let me count the ways

At The SmellGoodLady, we believe you can never have enough smell goods.  Fragrance is like American Express-don't leave home without it.   There are so many fragrances to choose from.  You might discover a new favorite (or two) along the way.    

Addict (type)                                     Angel(type)                                          Baby Powder

Bombshell (type)                                Caribbean Coconut                               Chance by Chanel (type)

Exotic Musk                                         Green Tea                                           Juicy Couture (type)

Kenneth Cole Black (type)                    Peach                                                 Curve and Curve Crush (type)

Light Blue (type)                                  Strawberry                                         Vanilla Pear

And many, many more     

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