Who is The Smell Good Lady?
A little history...


   Yes--as a matter of fact, I am crazy?!?! 

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being:

  1. Diana Ross
  2. A fashion model
  3.  A boss (because I really hated being told what to do)

Even though I sing pretty well, Berry Gordy was NOT looking to discover me...being a fashion model meant I had to be thin and concerned about my weight plus again--no one discovered me (and I never said no to ice cream). My thighs were not made for the catwalk:)

In October of 1994(after eight years of loyal service), I quit my good "government" job to start a floral design/gift shop. Most of my friends and family told me flat out that I had lost my mind. So what, I thought--I had always been a little on the strange side plus my father always told me that I needed to 'run something'. So off I went to the land of entrepreneurship--full of sass and confidence...

I started designing floral arrangements first during my spare time.  It was truly divine intervention when I got the chance to open an actual shop. The first shop was on the ground floor of an apartment building and was the size of a large bedroom.  It was just a big rectangle, but I made it work with the help of a few brave friends and my passion for decorating tiny spaces.  By the time my shop opened, I had expanded my offerings to include jewelry, gifts and gift baskets and floral designs.

The fragrance business came about as an afterthought. A friend from my "government" job days sold perfume oils and asked if she could use a space in my shop to sell her oils and bath salts during my first Christmas Open House.  She sold out quickly and for days after, people were asking me for those products.  From that point, it was easy to make the switch to the fragrance business.

The line started slowly, with just two sizes of perfume oils. While trying to expand the line, I had to do tons of research because I wanted the products to be hand-made. My friends and family were willing guinea pigs. Trust me, the results were sometimes comical and hard to explain. Finally, my penchant for asking too many questions turned into something positive.  After some time and a lot of research, I managed to turn this into an entire line of bath and body care products.

Well, that's a wrap... and thanks for reading all the way to the end

Thanks for stopping by. Look around--I bet one or two of your favorite fragrances are here. I would love for you to come back again and again. Send your friends--all are welcome!


Bonita Martin


Email:  smellgoodlady@gmail.com

Phone:  312.805.0750